Feb 132018

CSTA’s more than 130 member companies work in over 50 different crop kinds and are proud to be vital contributors to Canada’s economy and to the health and well-being of Canadian consumers. Seed is the start of it all, the entire agriculture and agri-food value chain.

Seed is a compact package that carries the innovation that the world’s farmers will need to feed, fuel and clothe a population that is expected to swell to over 9 billion people by 2050. Through Better Seed, Better Life, we invite you to engage in a dialogue with CSTA about the essential role that seed plays in your day-to-day life.  Let’s explore together how seed forms the foundation for the food and drink we enjoy, the clothes we wear and the fuel in our cars.

To help us to understand the importance of seed, CSTA has prepared a number of resources that will be released over the coming months. First is our video, which aims to capture the essence of the Canadian seed industry and the role that seed plays in our day-to-day lives.


We also have our fact sheets, which are part of a series of fact sheets to be released over the coming months. We hope that you will enjoy learning how the seeds produced by our members and the crops grown from those seeds play a part in your everyday life.

We’re pleased to release our second fact sheet, Seed With a Pulse. Also be sure to check out our first fact sheet Cheers for Cereals. Let’s learn together about these food groups. They’re so much more than what you eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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