Fostering Innovation and Investment in the Future


Much of the innovation for increased productivity and market opportunities for farmers is delivered in seed. Innovation carried in and on the seed can increase yield, bring health benefits and help reduce agriculture’s environmental foot print.  However in order to bring new products to farmers, the seed industry needs a policy and regulatory environment that fosters innovation.

This page explores the relationship between the ability to protect intllectual property and investment. Find fact sheets, plant breeder profiles and more.

The Proof is in Your Field – The Future is in Your Hands – CSTA has developed a new postcard for retailers, that outlines the rules of intellectual property protection tools, and highlights the benefits of the investments in innovation generated by the protection of intellectual property. The post card is available in English and French.
If you would like to receive a supply of the cards for your retailers, contact the CSTA office.

Innovation Emerges from Intellectual Property Protection – This section will contain articles featuring plant breeders who benefit from investment in innovation funded by the protection of Intellectual Property

  1. Henry Olechowski – Soybean Breeder
  2. Francis Kirigwi – Cereal Breeder
  3. Ron DePauw – Wheat Breeder
  4. Eric Gagnon – Soybean Breeder
  5. Curtis Pozniak – Wheat Breeder
  6. Valerio Primomo – Vegetable Breeder
  7. Janice Cuthbert – Canola Breeder

Intellectual Property – A Shared Responsibility – A fact sheet and a presentation that outlines the investment in and benefits of seed driven innovation. What are the tools that the seed industry uses to fund innovation, and what are the responsibilities of those on the “front line” of the business.