Facts, Statistics and Industry Guidelines


Fact Sheets and Statistics

Industry Guidelines

  • NEW Rules for Resealing Pedigreed Seed – Protect the Seed – Protect Yourself.  CSTA suggests that seed retailers and conditioners make them selves familiar with the requirements of the Seeds Regulations.
  • Treated Seed Check List – CSTA has joined with the Ontario Agri-Business Association and the Grain Farmers of Canada to develop a checklist for farmers to prevent co-mingling of treated seed and commercial grain.  Please feel free to print and distribute to farmer customers.  Find it here in English  and en français
  • Product Discontinuation Check-List – Part of the lifecycle of any product is its removal from the marketplace. This is especially important for products developed with modern biotechnology and developing the procedures, protocols and industry standards for biotechnology product discontinuation in the marketplace is a key end point within the plant biotechnology lifecycle. New plant biotechnology products are routinely developed and older products taken out of production by the manufacturer as a normal and predictable part of a product’s lifecycle, and their removal needs to proceed in the most effective way possible. For that reason, CSTA’s Biotechnology Committee worked with CropLife Canada to develop a product discontinuation checklist to help members of the plant biotechnology industry facilitate the removal of a product of biotechnology from the market.