Canadian Plant Breeding and Genetics Award



Dr. Surya Acharya Receives the 2012 Canadian Plant Breeding and Genetics Award

Dr. Acharya

 Ottawa, Thursday July 19, 2012– the Canadian Seed Trade Association and Germination Magazine are very pleased to announce that Dr. Surya Acharya is the 2012 recipient of the 2012  Canadian Plant Breeding and Genetics Award.

Dr. Acharya is a very highly respected forage breeder at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research station at Lethbridge Alberta.  He is so highly respected that he was nominated by four different individuals and organizations for the 2012 award.

During his career Dr. Acharya has developed at least 20 different forage and grass varieties, including Bridgeview, the first Canadian salt tolerant alfalfa; ACE-1 the only perennial cereal crop developed for forage production in Western Canada; and Tristar, a variety of Fenugreek – a high quality and high yielding annual legume.  He has also developed native grass varieties which are bred to tolerate the severe stresses associated with high elevation, and high salinity for reclamation projects.

Dr. Acharya takes a long term and inclusive approach to plant breeding and research.  He is highly recognized by both animal and human nutritionists for his “Pasture to Health” approach to his breeding program.  His extensive work on Fenugreek is showing significant health benefits, making it of substantial interest to neutraceutical and functional-food industries.  He is also the senior editor of a book on advances in medicinal plant research, which highlights the medicinal properties of many crops currently grown as oilseeds, forages, cereals, vegetables and ornamentals.

In keeping with the “holistic systems” approach to plant breeding, Dr. Acharya has also been involved in broad projects around weed and disease control in forages and the development of native plant species for the enhancement of wildlife habitats.

He is highly respected internationally as well, and is the recipient of many national and international awards for plant breeding.

Dr. Acharya received his award at the awards celebration at the CSTA’s 89th annual meeting in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island. The Canadian Plant Breeding and Genetics award is co-sponsored by the Canadian Seed Trade Association and Germination Magazine.

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