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Become a member of the Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA) and join an organization that has been helping members do business in Canada and around the world since 1923.

CSTA represents a broad cross-section of Canadian businesses that are engaged in all aspects of seed research, production and marketing, both domestically and internationally. Membership ranges from those who market garden seed and herbs to large western grain handlers, and from small family-run business to large multi-national corporations.

Contact CSTA for a membership application and to learn more about the current fee schedule at 613-829-9527 or

Membership Structure

  • Active Members are individuals, firms, research institutions and corporations, and bona fide divisions of corporations whose primary business is dealing in or selling seed and associated plant technologies delivered in or on the seed.  Brokers are considered active members. Foreign member are considered active, associate or affiliate, depending on their type of business.
  • Associate Members are wholesalers and other companies that market products or services to the seed industry.
  • Affiliate Members represent regional, provincial, national or international associations which have a common interest in the corporation.

CSTA Works for You

CSTA keeps members informed of trends in the seed industry and helps solve specific seed-related challenges. CSTA works with government on behalf of the seed industry and represents the seed industry in provincial, national and international organizations. Our knowledgeable office staff are available to provide the information and tools you need for your business.

Your International Voice

CSTA is active internationally on your behalf. CSTA is an active member of the International Seed Federation (ISF). CSTA members automatically become member of ISF and benefit from its mandate to create the best environment for the global movement of seed and promote plant breeding and innovation in seed. CSTA is also an active member of the Seed Association of the Americas and keeps members informed on issues and trends in the Americas. Through reciprocal appointments to each other’s Board of Directors, we have created strong links with the American Seed Trade Association.

Great Information Network

Timely communication with members is a priority. Regulatory changes, current industry trends, research developments and other issues affecting the seed industry are highlighted in Trade Winds Weekly, CSTA’s exclusive member-only newsletter, and through email blasts and CSTA Alert. CSTA members also gain access to our members’ only website, that includes committee meetings, presentations, minutes and work plans.

CSTA’s Annual (July) and Semi-Annual (November) meetings provide members with opportunities to meet other seed industry members and establish valuable business connections. Our conventions feature full agendas that include current and emerging issues, opportunities to shape CSTA’s direction through committee meetings, professional development opportunities, and time for networking and socializing.

CSTA Membership Provides:

  • Access to industry information and members’ only website
  • Increased domestic and international contacts in seed research, production and marketing
  • International representation
  • Government advocacy for seed industry issues
  • A coordinated voice for the seed sector
  • Arbitration services
  • Conventions and meetings
  • Timely communication
  • Membership directory and contacts
  • Professional and personal development
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Reduced cost for OECD seed exports
  • And much more