Core Values


The core values set out below drive the work of the Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA). We are constantly working to ensure
that we adhere to these values in all aspects of our organization – from strategic planning to tactical daily work.

  1. Our direction comes from our members.
  2. We ensure fair and equitable recognition of members.
  3. We foster an environment that encourages participation of our members.
  4. We are strategic and proactive in our planning, thinking and actions.
  5. We are dedicated to prioritizing and resolving the common issues that affect our members.
  6. We strive for consensus in all of our  decision making processes.
  7. We work constructively with other groups in pursuit of our mission statement.
  8. We act with transparency and integrity in our business conduct.
  9. We are non-partisan.
  10. We comply with the Canadian Competition Act. – Find CSTA’s statement of compliance with the Canadian Competition Act by following this link.