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With our head office  in Canada’s capital city, the Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA) brings together 132 seed company  members engaged in all aspects of seed research, production and marketing and trade, both domestically and internationally.

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Banff Springs HotelCSTA’s 91st Annual Meeting – Registration is now open for CSTA’s 91st Annual meeting.   The meeting will be held at the magnificant Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Banff Alberta from Sunday July 13 through Tuesday July 15.  CSTA’s Board will meet on Wednesday morning July 16.   Follow this link to review programs, see our sponsors, register for the meeting, and make hotel reservations.


parliament hillSeeding Success: Fostering Innovation – CSTA’s Board of Directors met with Members of Parliament, Senators and the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food and planted the seeds of success firmly on their agendas.  Very fruitful discussions were held with government and opposition Members of Parliament and Senators, supporting science based regulations, and a renewed investment environment.   You can find the submission in the news section of this website.


The Government of Canada has taken a very substantial step forward today with the introduction of the Canadian Agricultural Growth Act.   Bill C-18 proposes to amend 9 Canadian Agricultural Acts, including the Plant Breeders’ Rights Act.  Follow this link to find CSTA’s news release and information on Bill C-18, and the most recent fact sheets and information about proposed amendments to Plant Breeders’ Rights.



Partners Partenaires

CSTA is pleased to be part of Partners in Innovation, which brings together major farmer, value chain and industry associations to support amendments to Canada’s Plant Breeders Rights Act.   Check out the Partners in Innovation website


plant breedingCSTA’s private company members invested over $101 million in plant breeding, research and variety development in 2012.  That is an increase of more than78% from 5 years ago.   Find the results of the CSTA investment survey in the news section of this website.


LabOn April 4 and 5, 2013, CSTA organized a value chain symposium in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The objective was to bring the crop value chain together in the same place to make substantial progress towards three goals:

1. Reach a common understanding of how research and plant breeding is funded in other countries

2. Reach a common understanding of how research and plant breeding is funded for different crop kinds in different regions in Canada

3.  Develop a set of principles for a possible funding mechanism in Canada

It was a very well attended symposium with participation from plant breeders, researchers, funding institutions, producers, the seed industry, educational institutions and federal and provincial governments.  It was also a very successful symposium, surpassing the goals that were established.  The process doesn’t end with the symposium.   A working group has been established to, with continuous input and feedback from the value chain, develop a “strawman”  proposal for a Canadian mechanism to fund research and plant breeding, which will be presented to the larger symposium group this fall.   This process will be completely transparent and input will be sought and encouraged from all who have an interest.  Reports of the working group meetings; requests for input etc. will all be posted in a special section of CSTA’s website.  Just  follow this link.


Given the fast pace of technology in agriculture around the world, CSTA’s Board of Directors placed a high priority on the development of science based coexistence plans.  The goal is to ensure that CSTA’s members and the farmers that they serve have the choice of the production system that best serves their businesses and the markets that they serve, whether the production system is organic, conventional or makes use of products of modern biotechnology.   CSTA’s activities on coexistence can be found here.


PBR LogoCanada is one of the only developed country members of the International Union for the Protection of New Plant Varieties (UPOV) who’s Plant Breeders’ Rights legislation does not conform to the most recent UPOV convention (UPOV 1991).   This is having an impact on the ability of Canadian Plant Breeders to develop new varieties for farmers, and it is impacting Canada’s ability to attract varieties developed internationally.  CSTA supports amendments to Canada’s Plant Breeders’ Rights Act to help create an environment that will attract domestic and international investment.   We have produced a fact sheet that explains clearly what complying with UPOV 1991 means and what it doesn’t mean.  You can find it here.


2011-12 Seed Trade Statistics are Now Available – This is the only place where you can find detailed statistics on Canada’s exports and imports of seed.  Follow this link to find summaries of exports and imports of seed over the past three years, updated for the crop year that ended June 30, 2012.   You can also find expanded lists of exports by destination and imports by country of origin.

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What's the planBy 2050, the world’s farmers will have to produce as much food as has been consumed since the beginning of humanity. They will have to do that under the extreme pressure from urban growth, competing demands for land and water, and climate change. Canada can lead the way to meeting the challenges, capturing opportunities for farmers and the economy. We just have to have a plan.

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