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With our head office  in Canada’s capital city, the Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA) brings together 132 seed company members engaged in all aspects of seed research, production and marketing and trade, both domestically and internationally.

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Growing for the World . . . . Une croissance axée sur le monde


Nov 272017

CSTA’s more than 130 member companies work in over 50 different crop kinds and are proud to be vital contributors to Canada’s economy and to the health and well-being of Canadian consumers. Seed is the start of it all, the entire agriculture and agri-food value chain.

Seed is a compact package that carries the innovation that the world’s farmers will need to feed, fuel and clothe a population that is expected to swell to over 9 billion people by 2050. Through Better Seed, Better Life, we invite you to engage in a dialogue with CSTA about the essential role that seed plays in your day-to-day life.  Let’s explore together how seed forms the foundation for the food and drink we enjoy, the clothes we wear and the fuel in our cars.

To help us to understand the importance of seed, CSTA has prepared a number of resources that will be released over the coming months. First is our video, which aims to capture the essence of the Canadian seed industry and the role that seed plays in our day-to-day lives.


We also have our fact sheets, which are part of a series of fact sheets to be released over the coming months. We hope that you will enjoy learning how the seeds produced by our members and the crops grown from those seeds play a part in your everyday life.

Our first fact sheet is Cheers for Cereals. Let’s learn together about how cereals are more than just what we eat for breakfast.

Sep 122017

CSTA 2017 Semi-Annual Meeting
November 26 – 28, 2017
Hyatt Regency Calgary, Alberta


  Registration now open for the 2017 Semi-Annual Meeting! Agendas will be posted as they become available behind the members’ only log-in.

The Canadian Seed Trade Association will hold its 2017 Semi-Annual meeting at the Hyatt Regency in Calgary.  The meeting will start with the President’s Reception at 6:00pm on Sunday November 26th.  The next day and a half will be spent helping to develop CSTA policies and strategies, with plenty of time and room for delegates to hold private meetings.

Don’t forget that GrowCanada 2017 will immediately follow CSTA’s Semi-Annual Meeting from November 28 to 30th, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Calgary.

Visit this section often for updated agendas and documents, a list of meeting delegates and much more.

Future Influencers 2017

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Sep 122017




We are pleased to announce that Jake Ayre, a University of Manitoba Agribusiness student from Minto, Manitoba and Lauren Benoit, a Master’s of Science student from Kirkton, Ontario, are this year’s winners for CSTA’s Future Influencer competition. In its eighth year, this program offers the opportunity for Canada’s youth to attend the annual GrowCanada Conference and provide their perspective on agriculture. This year we had many thoughtful responses to our essay question, but only two winners are selected. Any student across Canada in grades 11 and 12, or in agricultural college or university, may apply.

Both Jake and Lauren actively participated  in the 2017 GrowCanada Conference in Calgary, Alberta from November 28-30, 2017. They were both very well received and engaged with many stakeholders within the industry.

Please also check out Lauren’s account of the conference where she shares her insights on what was discussed. If you are interested in becoming a Future Influencer be sure to read her report to get a first-hand look at the experience.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Kim Sabourin at

Feb 162017

the-a-to-z-of-garden-seedsSeed is the start of it all, the entire agriculture and agri-food value chain. CSTA celebrates Canada’s first national Agriculture Day with the launch of its Better Seed, Better Life program and the first of a series of fact sheets, The A to Z of Garden Seeds.  The program is based on materials created by the American Seed Trade Association and is a collaborative effort of ASTA and CSTA.  Read CSTA’s news release. View The A to Z of Garden Seeds.

Aug 312015

Logo with words - colourCSTA has launched the new Crop Varieties Registered in Canada and Plant Breeders’ Rights Status database to assist seed sector stakeholders to easily identify PBR protection on crop varieties registered for sale in Canada. Visit the Library to learn more about the database.

Mar 012015

In keeping with the seed sector’s commitment to health, safety and the environment, the Canadian Seed Trade Association and the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association partnered to create the Guide to Treated Seed Stewardship: Best Practises for the Safe Handling, Storage, Transportation, Use, and Disposal of Treated Seed.  The Guide will help those who work with treated seed to create and implement their own stewardship plans, comply with provincial and territorial regulations, and maintain operationally and environmentally sound operations.  Find the guide in English and en français.

Feb 282015

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A new website has been launched to provide a one-stop source of information for the crop value chain on the new Plant Breeders’ Rights environment.  was developed by the CSTA with input from the Plant Breeders’ Rights Office at the CFIA and from intellectual property specialists.   It is meant to inform those stakeholders along the value chain who need to be aware of the new requirements created by the expanded breeder’s right.

Wheat, Oats, Flax and Potato varieties are the first to be granted rights under new PBR legislation.  Find CSTA’s news release here.

Jan 122015

globe&flag_newUpdated Seed Trade Statistics – CSTA’s website is the only place where detailed statistics on Canada’s exports and imports of seed can be found.   By following this link you can find summaries of exports and imports for the 2013-14 crop year.  You can also find detailed statistic by country.

Jul 212014

Contributing  $5.61 billion and over 57,000 jobs to the Canadian Economy – The national Seed Sector Value Chain Round Table has completed and released its Seed Sector Profile.  Find the entire report here in English and en Français.

Aug 252013

Given the fast pace of technology in agriculture around the world, CSTA’s Board of Directors placed a high priority on the development of science based coexistence plans.  The goal is to ensure that CSTA’s members and the farmers that they serve have the choice of the production system that best serves their businesses and the markets that they serve, whether the production system is organic, conventional or makes use of products of modern biotechnology.   CSTA’s activities on coexistence can be found here.

Aug 112011

Corn Hybrids Commercially Available in CanadaCSTA’s Corn Hybrid List is now a Corn Hybrid Data Base.  It provides a great deal more information, including refuge requirements for insect protected hybrids. Find the new corn hybrid data base  and other important information here.